Children were getting posh nowadays and yesterday, Idlan and us were invited to a birthday party at the famed KLGCC - Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club - yesterday. So, we went, despite me being on call - the iPhone ringer on extra loud volume of course. The theme was military outfit, and we completely missed that. Anita missed that bit on the birthday card.

The last time I went to the Club was some three years ago when the Medical Unit held their annual dinner there. In that time, the place appeared to have been renovated. The entrance was different, so were some of the facilities. The lobbies were certainly more relaxing compared to what I remembered. Shame that it would cost quarter of a million for membership!

As for the party, it was for a pair of siblings, one was Idlan’s classmate, while the sister was Irfan’s. Most of the children and parents were from Sri Utama, mostly well known to us. The party started at 3 pm, but as I was on call, and just in case I was called in, we decided to head there early. The party was held at one of the banquet halls, complete with bouncy castle, and other children tit-bits, such as games area, candy floss, but no clown. The main event was hitting the pinata and the cake.

Food there was excellent. I had a couple of helpings of the bread and butter pudding of course. The children were having a whale of a time, jumping around and playing games. Idlan especially was reluctant to go home when we had to leave. On the way back to the car, we passed by the driving range, and saw a couple of young kids hitting the golf balls with their instructor. It looked like the facility for golf here was top notch. My Dad-in-law has membership to a few other clubs, and was talking about Idlan having some lessons. Maybe we would do that if the boys were interested.

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