Village II Today

Buoyed by the 5 nil win last night, I woke up this morning with a new kind of optimism. The optimism grew upon learning that ManCiteh did a ManCiteh by being heated at Villa. I promised the boys to take them out as I was on call yesterday. I later found out that the KLPAC was holding their annual open day. If I learned about it earlier, I could've plan the day a bit differently. Anyhow, took the boys out I did.

Destination today was Bangsar as I was planning to do some shopping for the new home office. Unfortunately Czip Lee was closed on Suday, so I ended up just mingling with the boys at their play gym. Oh God, it was a full day.

Tired after two hours at the play area We brought our maid along this time, do she was the one doing the running with the boys in the play area. Anita did some shopping while I just walk around Bangsar. The play gym was located at the top floor of Village II. It was called Kiz Sports and Gym. There was an option of dropping the children in and the parents can get on with their shopping. We used it before but as there many children there today, we had our maid, Isma along.

Bangsar Village was as usual kitted up for the Chinese New Year festivities. They were pretty low key this time around, maybe reflecting the current economy. After almost an hour and a half in the gym, the boys wanted lunch, which we had at Citrus. We have never been there before, and I will write up on it on a later entry.

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