Citrus, Bangsar Village

During a recent outing to Bangsar Village, we stumbled upon a relatively new food outlet at Village II. It was called simply Citrus, located on the second floor, next to the Apple retail agent, Smack - how appropriate - and right opposite Borders bookstore.

As during the outing, Isma, our maid came along, and the boys just spent nearly a couple of hours at a play gym, we decided have something light, with an Asian option. Citrus provided that.

My chicken lasagna with rocketCreme brule

The restaurant was pretty simple, with only around 10 tables inside, and half a dozen more along the mall walkway. We had a seat in the inside of the restaurant, with sofa for the children. The menu was diverse. There was a separate breakfast menu, catering for both Asian and Western options. They serve nasi goreng, pasta, pizza, lamb chops etc for lunch. I had chicken lasagna with rocket salad, while Anita had soto ayam. We ordered nasi goring for the maid. Idlan had pizza and Irfan had macaroni. So, there were items for everyone, which was very handy indeed when you bring a troop out like we did. I also had creme brule for dessert.

The setting were children-friendly, although the restaurant did not provide a washroom - a very clean public toilet was just a few steps away. He service was prompt, and they understood us when we asked them to serve the children first. as for the food, it was pretty OK. As the menu was so varied, it was very difficult to ascertain what were their strength and weaknesses. To conclude, I did not think that Asian dishes were their strong point, as Anita's soto was pretty plain - she needed three helpings of the salt shaker to put some taste. The pizza, lasagna and macaroni were nice however. Maybe Italian were their stronger items. The creme brule was nice however.

When I checked in into FourSquare, I was left a tip that I should order the red velvet cake. Unfortunately, they ran out of it that day. I would try that one day.

Will I return? I don't really mind actually, although I would probably go for snacks there rather than a heavy meal. In terms of price, I thought it was slightly cheaper than the usual outlet we frequented at Village II such as delicious, or even Smokehouse next door to the mall. Given a choice - meaning if we did not have the entourage with us, I would probably have gone for La Bodega instead.

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