Quick Day Trip

A long day it was with a return trip to Penang. Although the traffic was light, weather was not great. It was gloomy on the way up and it poured all the way on the drive home. Treacherous driving conditions meant I had to take extra time to get home, and I finally got back to Gombak just after 11.

Since I was watching the football match until 3 in the morning, I decided to delay my start. I only left KL around 8.30, and after a couple of toilet stops, I arrived in Sungai Petani just after 1. In time for a nice lunch at my aunts. Next on the agenda, the engagement.

The reason I drove up was to attend one of my cousin, Atiqah's engagement. It was meant to start at 3, but for some reason, the fiancé side arrive an hour and a half early. They cracked on with the event and when I reached the venue, all was done. Sigh! The fiancé were from KL, and as they plan to drive home the same day, they wanted to crack on early.


The engagement went fine otherwise with my Uncle acting as the spokeperson for the family. The wedding was scheduled around July, just before Ramadhan. My cousin just finished her studies and was currently looking for work. Typical of Penang engagement was the 'sugar feeding' ceremony, where the fiancée was fed sugar using a spoon by the female member of the fiancé's family. Anita had the ceremony done to her as well when we got engaged.

Take out timeSome kangkongand sotongAfter some tea, we headed across the pond to Penang Island to visit my grandmother. Since it may tire her to bring her across to Seberang for the engagement, we went across to meet her. She put on weight since we last saw her, which was a good thing. After about half an hour there, we left for Padang Kota to bring home to KL some laksa. The journey home was pretty smooth although it rained most of the ways. we made a stop in Tapah for dinner and prayers, and finally reaching KL after 11.

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