Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year. Of all people, I bumped into my boss and her family when we were at Bangsar Village II earlier, and that was what I wished her when she was handing over some ang pow to my boys. Of all people.

I started the day with taking my Mum to see the Opthalmologist on call at UMMC. She has been been having eye pain for the last week, initially thought to be due to infection she got from Imran, my nephew. A few months back, she had an injury to the eye. While gardening, one of the leaves whipped into her eye causing a small abrasion. Since then, she had always been feeling some discomfort there. I brought her in on Monday and one of my friend confirmed that the abrasion was back. The infection made it worst. In the last couple of days, there was a layer forming on the eye causing the infection to stay. For the last couple of days, the Opthalmologist had to remove the layers by waging the eye. She will need another wash tomorrow.

Is it Ben 10 .... or Ben 10?Daddy wants this

After I was done with Mum, we went out for lunch in Bangsar. That was where I bumped into my boss. After lunch at La Bodega, we went for a walk at Bangsar Village, and then Mid Valley Gardens. What was apparent was the mall was empty. Driving back home only took 15 minutes across town. There were hardly any traffic. Parking was easy. I wish that it was like this everyday. But that would not be fun wouldn't it. KL minus the traffic will never be the same!

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