School's Opened

We went to bed early last night. The boys were already tucked by 8.30 pm, all in preparation for an early start this morning. Today was the first day of school year for the both of them, with Idlan going into Year One. But the unexpected happened. Both Idlan and Irfan woke up at midnight, and Idlan only managed to go back to sleep at 4 am.

We managed to get both of them up by 6am and ready to leave the house just after seven. Amazingly, Idlan not only finished school at 3 pm without a fuss, he went to Sekolah Agama from 5 to 7 pm. Plenty of energy this boy, and not only that, he played a round of Wii after dinner and only just now went into the bedroom. Irfan was already sleeping at 6 pm and hopefully, he wouldn’t wake up until the morning.

The boys were excited with their new school friends. Irfan had 21 students in his kindy class, and according to the teacher, it will be split in the next few days. As for Idlan, there were 15 in his class, most of them new friends. The class division for Idlan was rather confusing in the beginning, but it was sorted out by the end. We have already got their books last week from school, so that bit was already organised. The main fuss on the day was the fact that the canteen was closed, and for the term, food will be served in class. Since Idlan was be fussy eater, Anita was worried, and sure enough when we asked him today, he hardly ate anything for lunch.

Irfan finished his class at midday, so while waiting for 3 pm, we went over to IKEA to pick up some more stuff for our newly renovated room. While there, we sampled the famous Swedish meatballs, and finished them off with some ice-cream - Irfan’s favourite. Then it was time to sort Idlan out. He was all excited with school today and couldn’t stop talking about class and his new friends. Surprisingly, he was still up for the Sekolah Agama, where most of his schoolmates from kindy still goes to.

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