Catching up with an old friend

It has been a while but I bumped into an old friend @Elviza at Starbucks in Bangsar earlier today. It must have been a couple of years since my wife bumped into her, and we stopped to chat for quite a bit.

The boys got up early following an early night last night. I managed to wake up at 5 am to catch the second half of United's match against Stoke. After getting the boys settled down, we went for breakfast at La Bodega in Bangsar. More about that in my later post.

On the way back to Bangsar Village, we bumped into @Elviza. She was trying to stop smoking, and we had a long chat about that. Apparently she had a friend who recently passed away due to a suspected heart attack at the age of 36. That clearly shook her. She managed to go cold turkey a couple of times before but picked up the habit due to friends. My feeling was, it was all down to determination and how badly she wanted to quit. She should take a lesson from her friend's teeny passing to motivate her.

I was actually back at Sri Utama waiting for Puan Anita. She dripped by to see how Idlan was coping for lunch. I think she was worries for nothing, but hey, I'm only the Dad.

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