Breakfast at La Bodega

A couple of months ago, Anita went out with a friend who was holiday from the UK and ended up having breakfast in Bangsar. After looking around, they decided to try La Bodega. It was a well-known tapas bar chain, and I did not realise that they serve breakfast. She could not stop raving about the breakfast there and since I was free this morning - while I was still on holidays - I decided to try it.

The interiorMy egg BenedictEgg Benedict no moreMy God, it was great. I ordered egg Benedict with smoked salmon, with sauteed mushrooms, and had a double expresso to go with them. The egg was well-cooked, the bread toasted just the way it should be, the smoked salmon was succulent and the mushroom was gorgeous. The expresso certainly added zing to my morning.

Should you guys visit Bangsar during the morning and was wondering where to have breakfast, do give La Bodega a try. They certainly know how to serve breakfast.

18-1 Jalan Telawi 2, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar - 03-2287-9468

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