Irfan's Birthday Dinner

It was Irfan's fifth yesterday. I took an unplanned leave sorting out some personal stuffs, and in the evening we went out for a birthday dinner. In the last few days, we have been asking Irfan what he liked to have for a dinner outside and he kept telling us Indian food. He liked his biryani and papadoms of course. So, walla! We went to Spice of India over at KLCC and brought the birthday cake along.

Food was OK but since the place was packed, all the waiters and waitresses were busy and our orders did get mixed up. We sort of like understood what went on, but the table next door thought differently. It wa occupied by an Indian family and judging from the accent, they must be from mainland India. The young lady there really knew how to boss the waitresses around. Such a bitch!

The main thing was Irfan enjoyed himself. The cake came out last, so was the presents. And everybody went home happy! The main party with his friends will be later next week though!

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