Back to Work

First day back after a long weekend was always hard. Not because it was such a pain to get up to go to work - I have been going to the wards every morning during the 4-day weekend either to see patients or to take my Mum for her eye check-up, but the backlog of work waiting for me when the clinic reopened.

Started the day arranging my Mum's appointment at the eye clinic. Then, ward round and Day Care clinic. After lunch, I had a meeting across the campus, taking the whole afternoon. Finally, when I reached home, I was in need of a power nap. The fact that I woke up for the second half of the Chelsea-Liverpool last night did not help. I was happy that Liverpool won for a change, after United slipped up at Wolverhampton the other night. That preserved our 10 points lead over Chelsea in the league.

For this evening, Puan Anita made a special treat for us. She cooked me my favourite, Chicken Vindaloo. Nice! Went well with pappadom and some mango chutney that did. I might have to call for an early night an wake up early tomorrow morning to dinky off the paperwork I had for the meeting yesterday.

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