Alone at the Movies

I agreed to take Puan Anita out today as her personal chauffeur. But typical of her, "right, I don't want you to know what I'm shopping, so go do what you like!". Right! What should I do? A movie then. Why not?

The last time I went out to watch a movie - with a friend now working in the UK to watch Star Trek - I bumped into not one, not two, bit three patients of mine! Forgive me for being wary this time around, especially when I bought for a seat for one, on Valentine's Day. Not sure what they will make of it.

Admiring Irfan's artworks while dropping him off at school first thingThen off for breakfast at La Bodega

I wanted to watch 'Sanctum', but unfortunately it was not out yet. I had to settle for 'The Green Hornet' instead. It was a good way of killing time kind of movie, but two hours were stretching it a bit. I wad bot used to reviewing movies, so I should not start today. Put it this way, it was not a movie to take your Valentine date to, if you know what I mean.

Sure was a great day for an outingWhen we met up after the movie - and lunch - Anita got most of the stuffs she needed for the weekend's party. Before long, it was time to pick Idlan up from school. A long but fruitful day - at least for Anita - it was. As for tomorrow, I think I will spend a few hours in the morning - weather permitting - to wall around Pudu, and maybe around Petaling Street with my camera. I feel that the 7D need sone loving ....

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