Central Market Revisited

After our lunch at Renaissance, Anita was keen to head for Central Market. She wanted to have a look for some titbits as gifts for Irfan's do next week. I was there a few times in the last couple of years, but for Anita, it was like discovering something new. The place has certainly transformed.

Compared to before, the place was certainly more tourist-friendly, bordering on being tourist-centric. Gone were the artists who plied their trade here painting portraits of whoever fancied themselves to have their sketches done. Gone were the street musicians and buskers. The street next to the market was now being renovated, and some of the shops were temporarily closed. The while pavements were being replaced and new covering - ala Petaling Street were being installed. I bet it would look even more unfamiliar once those were done. But the place has certainly suffered from lost of identity, and it would take a few more years for the place to develop its own character.

The entrance to the Kasturi Walk, parallel to the market

What was striking was the place was a lot cleaner. Even the toilets were very clean, although you would have to part with 50 sens to enter. The main tourist area were divided into themed streets. The vendors along those streets adhered to them, with memorabilia from Malay, Chinese, Indian and Orang Asli handicrafts.

Since the place was packed, we parked next door at Dayabumi Complex and took the bridge across. Anita was really excited with what she saw, so much so that she did not buy anything in the end. She would plan another visit in the next few days once she had an idea of what she wanted to get.

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