Yesterday's Do

Irfan's birthday party finally took place yesterday. As per his request, it was held at KL Bird Park, where Idlan had his last year. On that occasion, Irfan really enjoyed himself, so much so that he specifically wanted his big day to be there as well. He got his wish yesterday. This time, we mainly invited his school friends, but disappointingly, some cancelled at the last minute. Those who came - around 20 children, had a whale of a time.

What was obvious was the fact that the patents were impressed as well. Though most of them had heard of the bird park, not all of them have been there. Even those who have been there were not aware of a restaurant they have there called the Hornbill. One don't need to enter the park to enjoy the food there and from past experiences, the food there have been excellent.

Hornbill also host rents such as birthday parties and corporate dos. We learned about it when Anita had lunch there a couple of years and tried it foe Idlan's birthday last year. It was a hit then. The food was good and the event was very well organised by the resident event manager. The package included food, entrance to the park as well as private tour with one of the rangers. The children also enjoyed a bird show at the amphitheater. There were plenty of activities to be had, and the children really enjoyed. Shame for those who cancelled or did not turn up as it was not your typical birthday party.

I will blog about the actual event later with more pictures. Rather pushed for time at the minute.

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