The Casualty Visits

Anita woke up this morning with a very severe abdominal pain, worst than she had ever felt before. She was crying despite the usual concoction of paracetamol and brufen. Reluctantly, she agreed for me to take her to a Casualty and the nearest to out house was Gleneagles. We packed our bags and we were there 10 minutes later.

The Trauma officer did some Xray but thought it was nothing serious and suggested some analgesia and return the next day to see a Consultant if the pain got any worse. We went back and the pain just kept on coming. Anita can't sit still and she felt better if she was moving. And the griping pain was really excruciating. Finally she agreed for me to take her to UMMC.

UMMC on a Sunday afternoon can be busy but we were lucky that on that day, the place was not as packed. Parking was a bit more straight forward than I expected. After getting Anita settled in, she had her blood taken and a painkiller injection was given to her bum. Before long, she was in la-la land.

After a couple of hours, the results cane back. Her white blood count was raised and an ultrasound was ordered. It did not any stones buy she would need a more detailed scan to be sure. We decided to wait for a couple more hours to see if her pain return after the painkilling injection wore off.

The pain did return but it was more of a dull ache. And no, there was no way she would agree for an admission! In the end, we decided to have painkiller tablets and go home, promising to take plenty of fluids. She would rather be rushed to a clinic for a painkiller jan rather than stay the night in hospital.

She took an extra painkiller tablet before going to bed and slept like a baby! This morning she woke up with a headache and nausea, but only with a dull backache. I'm sure those were the effect of the painkiller he took. She would rather stay at home with her boys!

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