A night at the Oscars

I actually had tons of work to do, but it turned out that the Oscars was on, and I just can't resist it. I've been sat here for a good couple of hours staring the TV despite knowing who the winners were earlier from the net. That was sad.

The vibe from the web was that both James Franco and Ann Hathaway messed up. A couple of hours in, yes, they were as funny or as smooth. But nothing major really to be stressed out about. They were pretty OK for a first timer. The problem with the show which aired from 8 pm on Star Movies was the beginning and the constant stop for advertisement, during which the show cut to the studio in Hong Kong. The host in HK was charming at the beginning but the novelty soon wore off, although the lady host was gorgeous!

Am waiting for the last few awards now and for the last half an hour or so, it was all tributes and advert .... Zzzzzz

Haris Abdul RahmanComment