Rumours about Myanmar

I had a couple of talks to attend to earlier in the day, really disrupting the flow for day. In the end, I was not able to finish my Yangon slides and will have to press on with it come Wednesday morning. Just trying to put mud thoughts into slides seemed to be the hardest bit. Am I experiencing a lecturer's block?

Writing for a presentation is an art of its own and my love for writing does help. I heard rumours though. I was told that taking mobile phones into Myanmar would not be a good idea. Therefore, I would not be bringing in my iPhone or Mac Air for the trip. As for camera, maybe just the LX3 rather than lugging in anything heavier. Maybe those been there before can help me with this. I was also told that none of the payment can be made using credit cards, even the hotel deposit needed to be in cash - in USD in my case. At least that will help prevent me from shopping overboard!