Day One

The first day just flew by and it has been a long and tiring one. It was basically non-stop lecture from morning till about 5.30pm. We even had talks during the lunch break. And tomorrow morning, there will be a talk during breakfast. There was another satellite symposium later in the day, with dinner slapped in of course, but I don't think my brain could take it any longer. Instead, I went out with a few colleagues to Clarke Quay, on the other sude of town.

Dinner was a seafood affair, and it was great. I thought I may have doubled my cholesterol level with the amount of crab that I took. After dinner, we had a stroll down the quay, the weather being being very warm, with clear sky and full moon, made it it a relaxing one. Being Friday night, the place was packed and happening. It was the hip part of town, full of trendy bars, restaurant and clubs. Since we were all rather tired, we did not stay for too long. After 30 minutes, we climbed back onto the minibus, taking us back to the hotel.

Maybe I would catch some TV but honestly, I could do with an early night. Just called Anita and the boys, hitting the showers, then bed .... I'll blog more about Clarke Quay later as most of the photos were taken on my LX3.