The morning after

It was an early start and to be honest after the marathon sessions I had last night. I was starving when I woke up and breakfast would be a welcome. Shower, then a lift ride downstairs and on I went. I managed to avoid the crowd being early - I was down by 6.30am.

I was the first there though. My senior colleague, Alan (@palmdoc) was already there, playing around with his Palm Pre2 naturally. The breakfast spread was very good. I went vegetarian though as I wasn't sure if they were all Halal, but there wee enough on offer.

By the time I left, the queue was already building. A quick surf on the Net back in the room and it was already time for the lectures. The talks were held on an annex to the main hotel building, with room for more than 400 people in the main hall. A huge place.

Registration done. Now it was time to listen. As you can tell, the sessions were rather heavy. Lasting the whole day would be a challenge.

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