Full week ahead

Looks like it's going to be a monster week. It will be a three-day week for me, before catching an evening flight to Kuching on Wednesday after work. I will be involved in a series of talk there, starting with a the MaxFamily patient support group meet up on Thursday. It will be more of a Congress giving the opportunity for patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia to meet and share experiences of their problem among their peers with Haematologists in the background offering guidance.

Then there would be the small matter of the Malaysian Society of Harmatology Scientific Meeting taking place at the Pullman, starting on the Thursday. I will be involved in a couple of the symposium as well as meetings. I will also be the photographer for the event, something I had been doing in the last couple of years. That should be fun.

Maybe I would be able to complete the list of things to buy which I would no doubt get off Anita. She has a cousin who is working there at the moment. I'm sure there would be plenty of stuff to do and things to blog. Really looking forward to that. The flight home would be on Sunday afternoon. Monday would be the Labour Day holiday, and I have taken Tuesday and Wednesday off.