TRON Visited

So, the whole household watched TRON yesterday. Even my boys were mesmerised with the plethora of bright neon colour on offer. It was certainly a feast for the eyes. It really brought the best out of the Blue Ray HD pictures. I wished that I still had my home theatre as I had to rely on the TV screen stereo sound.

The plot for the movie was also much better than I expected. It was complex enough for the adults while my children were left drooling on the visual effects. The fight scene were very well choreographed and would not be termed as violent.

Even though the overall tone of the picture was a cold blue contrasting nicely with the orange neon glow from the antagonist characters. It was a true cinematic treat. I could imagine the movie looking great on an iMAX screen.

By the end of the day, I was sure that Idlan watched the movie three times, mainly the lightcycle part. Great stuff! Next up, Inception.