Day Two Already?

Day One passed by so fast, I hardly had time to catch my breath. Apart from keeping myself busy in the photography side, I took time to catch up with friends, mingling about. I thought the day would stop by 6, but it turned out that the Annual General Meeting was on the first day rather than the second.

After the meeting, which ended around 7.15, I was at another meeting with the examination board. I only managed to escape for dinner after 8 - for note seafood. I was sure my cholesterol level would have doubled by the time I return to KL. That took me to after 10, when I finally managed to catch up with the Royal Wedding. A quick shower, and before I knew it I was already slumped on the sofa. Luckily, I had my slides already set to go for my talk later today. I woke up, freezing as it turned out it was raining heavily outside.

I have just checked in for the Second Day just now. It turned out that the committee had organised a Congress Dinner for tonight, complete with Cultural Shows. Would be looking forward to that.