My bit done

I just returned from the Gala Dinner for the Conference. It was very well organised by the Event Manager. It featured a traditional Iban wedding, fused with elements of other subcultures is Sarawak. It was really a fun event, although I must say, the crowd dispersed in double quick time when the performers came down to get the audience to participate.

As I said, it was based on an Iban wedding. At intervals, the performer explained elements that unique to each of the groups and a form of dance unique to the tribe was then performed. The highlight was an Iban warrior with a blowpipe who appeared out of nowhere from the main entrance funny chap. He then grabbed the hand of one of the ladies in the audience, took her on the stage and started showing her the dances as well as how to use the blowpipe.

The dances were very well-performed. After a while, I had to call it the night as well after such a long day. I finished my talk - right after the lunch break. I was not expecting a crowd, but the turnout was quite good. The talk went well, and I managed to finish it well within the allotted time. It turned out that the main projector at the conference hall was able to handle widescreen projection, which was perfect for the size of my slides. Suffice to say, it went as planned. I'll blog more when I am more coherent.