Longer than Expected

One of the things that irks me when it comes to photo editing was getting the colour balance right. I have done editing before when the batch came out with a tint. Unfortunately without a calibrated screen, you can easily get the colour wrong. Well, at least to me. Since this was the first time I have used my iMac for any sort of batch editing, I had to spend some extra time tweaking the colour. I think I was getting there until I notices this horrible cyan tint on the final jpg.

So, some of the colours had been reeked and I just left the system on to upload some of the photos up to my SmugMug account. I reckoned, I would have close to 400 photos in the end. Since I would be on leave still tomorrow, I should be able to upload all the photos by then, provided my broadband connection would behave itself. It should be ready by lunchtime if there was no distraction.