A Quick Shake-up

I had been hearing about this famous outlet in Melaka for some time. Coconut shake. Basically blended coconut juice, in thick sweat concoction, had many imitations even in KL. The best one I was told was from Pantai Klebang in Melaka.

We had a quick look on the internet and keyed in the destination onto our phone and just followed the direction. Conveniently it was halfway to our old school in Kem Terendak, about 30 minutes from Bandar Melaka. The name of the outlet? “klebangoriginal” coconut shake.

This way ...Ample parking space

We arrived there just after the lunch crowd had left. Therefore finding a parking spot and the restaurant seat were easy. Apart form the shakes, they had some kueh and nasi lemak which were gorgeous as well.

The shake was actually better than we had in the past. Yes, we didn’t experience that many. Apparently there were more authentic stalls lining Pantai Klebeng that served the same formula, but allegedly more original. But in terms of convenience, and getting everything in one package, you can’t do worse than coming here. And the price was reasonable as well.

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