A Mojo-ful Keynote

IMG_0037 181116.png

For the last 15 years, Apple Keynotes had always been something which I look forward to. And when Steve Jobs was on stage, there was this auto around him. And the Cool-aid just kept on flowing. He was a real showman.

I still remembered when he announced the new iMac, the Powerbook and of course the iPhone and iPad.

Since he died, the keynote had lost its gloss. Tim Cook do not have Steve's stage presence, nor were the other senior executives at Apple. Sir Jony Ives? Forget it ...

But the last keynote saw Apple rediscovering some of its mojo. Maybe the product line-up was a great one, and that alone captured my attention rather than pure showmanship. There were certainly many items I was interested in. And it was time that I upgrade my iPad Pro. The new Macbook Air may be a good fit for Idlan. He is using my 2012 version in school and power was all drained out by the time he reaches his fifth lesson after lunch.

A lot to see certainly and I have some extra funds since I decided against upgrading the iPhone.