Majid Murtabak Cheese

On the final leg of our stay, as we were leaving, we decided we had to get something authentic to bring to KL. Something quintessentially JB. What was it? Murtabak!

Murtabak is basically omelette covered by thin layer of dough, fried in a layer of oil on fire till crisp. To add the extra umph, they even added cheese - instant coronary if you asked me!

But, my God they were gorgeous. Apparently the one we had was the best one in town, called Majid Murtabak, in the inner city area. Just a restaurant hidden in a back alley, but easily found on Waze.

Anita called in to order before we arrived, so the wait was not too long. And I finished the murtabak in the car the moment I hot the highway! It was gorgeous!