The Fourth Generation

I had been planning for the upgrade for some time now, skipping the last generation for this one after learning about the enhancement on offer. The watch face was much bigger and the font easier to read. 

Getting hold of a unit was difficult since launch and during my trip to get the new iPad Pro, I bought the Apple Watch Series 4 as well. And it was like a completely different watch although a familiar one.

Updating the new unit was straight forward as it uses my cloud accounts to basically replant the old watch. And since then, the using the watch to take phone calls had been the norm. It sound clear and in quiet environment, indistinguishable from using the handset directly. 

I wished that the strap was better. Or at least as good as my last one which I bough almost 3 years back. I might be looking for a third-party accessories in the future as the current Nike+ strap looked rather flimsy. I doubt that it would last long, at least to the kind of abuse I would be subjecting it to ...

The new interface also needed some getting used to, but so far the departure from the old watch was minimal. And skipping a couple of generations, it was definitely an upgrade.