Thaipusam Day Outing

The last of the installments I can assure you that - since I would be back at work tomorrow. I had some time to walk around town, still exploring what the GoPro could offer. As today was Thaipusam and I didn't have the stomach to follow my friends to Batu Caves, I decided to stay nearer to home.

Heading to Dataran Merdeka after lunchWhere's the water curtain?The River and the TowerWhere the rivers meet ...Following the route After a short trip to the ward, I parked my car at Suria KLCC before heading out for some biryani at Masjid India via the LRT. The weather was too nice to ignore and before it got too warm, I decided to venture out of mall and took some photos of the Twin Tower. Wide angle and blue skies was what needed for this photo op. I didn't have to be asked twice.

It certainly was sunny ...Sitting by the junctionWorking in the sun ...Into the shade ...Central Market ...Calling it the day ...Then came the LRT trip to Masjid India for lunch at Restoran Shahira, doubling back via River of Life where groups of tourists were lurking. Off through Central Market before taking the LRT back to Suria. Time for some coffee and later a quick stop at Kinokuniya before heading back home.

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