Unplanned Party

The best parties were often the unplanned ones. The spontaneous ones. Well, Rabat as what happened when we wanted to celebrate Irfan turning 12. Initially there was no party. Then maybe it would be a quiet family dinner.

The weather was certainly inviting ...Uncle Razak getting the cakes readyWaiting for the visitorsThat expanded to his cousins and my Mum. Irfan then suggested we have a small get together with his old classmates from Sri Utama. Just the boys.

A slew of SMS and texts flew. The girls wanted to join. Or at least their parents. They wanted to come over as they haven't met Anita for a while since Irfan changed school.

Getting the tools readyHappy Birthday IrfanThe friends were here ...Before we knew it, it was a semi-proper party. With me being on call that day, everything were just ad hoc. But it turned out great. The friends had a great time and the apartment was turned upside down in the end.

The cakes were outThe found their spotA great day ...

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