The Wee Printer

Anita had always wanted to print her phone snaps especially after travelling. Sending them for printing could be tricky. Even the online services available were not very easy to use. Printing using our laser printer could be tricky and she was not used to using Photoshop.

A simple solution would be to buy one of those portable photo printer. There was an offer going on, made by Fuji and we decided to try it.

Setting up and printing was straight forward, all done via wifi straight from my iPhone. Once printing was done, it took a while for the prints to become apparent - about 3 minutes.

The quality of the print was not exactly great and the cost of the papers could also be substantial. In the long run, using an online service may be a better idea but where is the fun in that.

Inserting the film cartridgePriming ...Done ...I have so far printed some of the photos from our recent Cherating trip. I would need to get more film cartridges later for more prints. Next would be to find a way to display those prints ... a new album may be.

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