Welcome to the “Dark Mode”


It was finally here. The latest instalment of Mac OS called Mojave. And with it, Apple introduced the dark mode and night shift, which made working at night much easier on the eye. The aesthetic definitely looked pleasing and the update process was straightforward.

Now that extensive beta testing was done prior to public release, bugs were much more uncommon compared to before. And the update being free made adoption across the board and update on the apps come more rapidly. I remember being present at a launch event for Leopard almost 15 years back at an outlet at Great Eastern Mall. No chance of similar fanfare now!

Before the Dark Mode

Before the Dark Mode

But you would need a fast internet connection to download around 6Gb of file needed for the update. It took me whole morning to get the system up and running - by morning I meant breakfast. So far, so good. I also heard that the new Microsoft Office 2019 was also being launched today. Will check that one out after work today.

So, a busy day of updates it looked like!