The Pencil

It was selling off like hot cake. I was lucky that I managed to get the new Apple Pencil and it was from a small shop at Sunway Pyramid of all places. All the major outlets had backlog and the salesperson did not have a clue when the new stocks were coming which was really frustrating.

I was still struggling to get hold of the folio keyboard. That may need another few weeks.

As far as the Pencil was concerned, the new unit was a definite improvement. Since the old Pencil was not compatible with the new iPad Pro, the change was forced upon me. After using it for the last couple of days, the new Pencil was more responsive and precise. Charging was also more straightforward since one just have to drop the pencil on the magnet on top of the iPad which initiate the pairing as well as wireless charging.  There was also the new feature of double tapping the pencil to change the mode. Handy indeed.

I only wished that the colour of the Pencil was not bright white since it was easy to pick up stains. Overall, it was definitely an improvement. Something you would expect since the old Pencil was almost three years old.