The New Smart Keyboard Folio

Finally .... After searching for it at many outlets, I was able to get my hands on it. It was not a planned thing. I got off work early and Anita needed to do some shopping for the kids - their school opening next week. So, they went to KLCC and I joined them later after taking a trip on the LRT from the apartment, planning to have an early dinner there. 

I walked into the Machine outlet at Suria and since it was not on display, I asked one of the salesgirl if any of the new Keyboard Folio cover are available. After all, it had been a month since I own the iPad. She went to check and found out that they had a last unit available. I did not think twice.

Since it was designed for the iPad, thing fit snugly like a glove. The keys did not travel as much as I liked though but the whole unit was portable enough for me to take out and about. Shame that it does not offer protection to the sides of the iPad and I wonder how long it would take before I see a dent on my iPad. 

Now with the new iPad, the new Pencil plus this new addition, the set was complete ... Time to conquer the World!