Settling In


We reached PD around noon to check into the bungalow we would be staying in, getting all the formalities sorted out. Then we head back to Seri Kembangan to pick up the boys before again turning back south. The bungalow was magnificent, surpassing what we hoped for.

The boys were also impressed and before long, we were already taking dips in the pool. Syahril and his family arrived around six. Azie on the other hand had an afternoon clinic, Arriving a bit later in the evening.

Once Syahril and his family got things sorted out, we went for dinner at a Chinese seafood restaurant nearby. Chilli crab, steamed fish, the lot! It was really good. Then came the trip to Tesco to stock up. And stocked up the boys did! With all the snacks and drinks, we were set for the weekend. And we reached the bungalow just in time to welcome Azie.

Azie and Amin has a bicycle ride planned for Sunday morning. They came with all their gears with Azie doing 30 km and Amin more adventurous at 160 km. We would be spending time carbo-loading - read plenty of food - of course. The boys had already picked up their sleeping arrangements and were looking forward for the stay. More on the bungalow on a later entry ...

Haris Abdul RahmanComment