Preparing for the Weekend

I will be taking a few days off from Friday. We will be heading for Port Dickson, to join Azie, Itul and Syahril for what would be an annual get together. Anita has arranged for a lovely bungalow for us to stay at, complete with a pool. Anita and I will be heading there earlier than the others - right after I was done with my ward round.

Once we had settled in, we would pick up Both Idlan and Irfan from school - which on paper should only be an hour away. The others would be joining us a bit later after work. We have not yet planned what to do when we were there, we will decide on that one then.

I was carrying a bit of a virus in the past few days. The oncologists I was covering were also all back from Spain. Hopefully, there would not be too much hassle leaving the wards for that few days. I have cleared out all my chemotherapy patients at the time, and just looking forward to having some downtime. Hopefully will be able to snap some photos as well ...