That Famous Night in Paris

Since OGS took over at United, my misery had been lifted. And with that famous win in Paris last night, I am hoping for many more success to come, The intriguing subplot of whether Ole would be given the job permanent lingers on. Certainly he put on a good case for the appointment.

I woke up during half time as I usually do on match nights such as this. A quick look on the score showed that United was leading 2-1, not enough to go through. I could sleep a wink after that but decided against switching on the TV. I kept checked the score and updates every few minutes. The anxiety grew.

Then came the message that United was awarded a penalty. In extra time. That goal would bring us through. A quick scramble for the remotes. Rashford. 3-1. And agony waiting for the final whistle and it was joy!!!! I must have aged another 10 years then ...