Drive to Survive

The Formula 1 season has recently started. With Malaysia no longer a host, it seemed that there were much news about the races going around. I hardly knew many of the driver's on the current roster.

While watching Netflix, I came across a documentary series called Drive to Survive featuring the back stories of the 2018 season. Plenty of insight although the producer highlighted the less known aspect of the current game. We knew enough about Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel, and how good the Mercedes cars are. It was time to learn about the lesser known characters.

In came Esteban Ocon, Charles LeClerc, Carlos Sainz Jr, Pierre Gasly and the likes. Interesting stories on their motivations and a bit more about their personalities. I now appreciate how good they were and couldn't help but to root for a few of them.

This certainly wetted my appetite for the 2019 season. Let's check the calendar the ...