Another Loss


It was surreal when I heard the news that morning. We were just talking about my friend Kasmadi with Anita the other day, about our plans to visit him before Raya and all that. However on Friday Morning we heard the news that he has left us.

He has not been well for some time and more so in the last few weeks. But still, the news came as a shock. We were born on the same day, 10th July 1972 and were close when we were together at MRSM Terendak. A soft spoken man, he had talents. He was very good at drawing. A man of the arts and the sciences.

During Form Five, when election for student body (Badan Wakil Pelajar - BWP) was held, we started a racket selling banners for campaigns. The candidates will provide us with white bedsheets, and overnight Kasmadi, and another talented drawer in our team would start to sketch and we then put the banners up all around the campus. I was doing the dealing and coordinating, with the couple of artists doing the graft. We split the profit 20-40-40. We ended up with being able to do some shopping in KL when the whole team stayed for Raya Haji at my place later that year. That was how my Mother knew Kasmadi as well.

We lost touch when I was in the UK, but caught up when I returned when it turned out that we stayed at the same locale in Wangsa Maju. He retreated somewhat after finding his diagnosis, but we exchanged messages every so often, such was the power of social media.

Passing away on a Friday Morning in Ramadhan is blessed and I pray that he is amongst the Soleehin. Kasmadi Muhammad, 10th July 1972 - 10th May 2019. Alfatihah. Forever my Kembar!

Photo courtesy of Ex-Terendak Group