Straight to the Beach



Miami Beach it was called. A quick walk from the hotel pool, through a private overbridge took us straight to a small lane leading down to this beach. Plenty of granite stones and after uploading the photos to our friends, they pointed out that this was the spot where “Ali Setan” was filmed. 

The breeze in the morning was welcoming and with the nice warm sunlight, snaps turned out great. Luckily, we were early. As I was leaving, there was a crowd building. There is a bar here opened at night and you could tell that it had been quite a party there the night before ...

Later in the day, speaking to the hotel staffs, they pointed out that this spot had another history. During the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004, there were a few deaths at that spot when the wave hit the shore. The column of water was tall enough that it went up the 10 meter cliff to the main road right up to the hotel. 

A sad tale to such a wonderful spot. A total of 52 people died in the whole of Penang that day. ANd this was one of the hot spots.