Fraser's Hill - Day 1, Part 3 - The Rest of the Day

It's getting misty!The weather was fast becoming gloomy and the mist was closing in by 5.30. We could see the mountain tops being covered by layer of clouds and it was likely going to be raining lather in the evening. A perfect recipe for a night in by the heater I thought. One of our maid can't tolerate cold very well. She asked if she can get her some soup for dinner as my father-in-law would like to have dinner at the hotel restaurant that night, and she don't really know how to eat Western food. She found scones to be strange for a start.

The staircase at the main entrance

After the children had their shower and changed into their jim jams, myself and Puan Anita sneaked out to get some take-away while exploring for places to visit the next day. After about 20 minutes of driving, we stopped by the stalls to order the maid's soup. The cool weather made me kinda peckish. I ordered some yee mee to nibble on while waiting. The place was quite packed at that hour - 6 pm. After a brisk walk around, we returned to the hotel, had our shower and ready ourselves for dinner.

Anita discussing the menu with HenryThe restaurant had a decent selection in the menu if you are into Western food. Steaks, chicken chops, Yorkshire pudding are all on offer. I ordered some chicken pie, similar to what I had at the Smokehouse Restaurant in Telawi, Bangsar the other. I was curious if there were just as good. And they were. The steak that my father-in-law ordered were rarer than expected but the side salad and garnish were all authentic English. I have no complains with the quality and quantity of the food, but as from what I have read from other reviews, the price was a premium. To be honest with hose kind of ambiance and service I should bot really complain. One note of caution though. It was better to order up front as it took about 40 minutes to prepare our dishes.

Unwinding in front of the fireplaceAs we were in a group of 10, we were given a special long table. The eating area was well heated and the candle light added to the atmosphere. The lavatories were freezing however, and that was the only place with a sink. After dinner, we were offered a complimentary nightcap. One can order coffee or tea, or in my case, it was a cup of hot chocolate. We can either have them sent to our rooms and as what we did, had them in the reading room while reading some magazines. What a way to end our first day there.

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