Tale of the Index Finger

Monday. Such fun. I woke up this morning with Irfan having high fever. Coughing and unable to sleep all night. Luckily Idlan slept through, otherwise it would have been double trouble.

We had to have a change of plans then as I had to do the school run. It turned out to be a treat even though I arrived around 8.30 for work. Idlan was really beaming when I took him to class, and insisted on me actually going into his classroom.

Monday has traditionally been a busy day for my unit. We start with the grand round, followed by a busy-than-usual day care, when we may see up to 40 patients starting just after 11. It turned out to be around 30 today. Straight after lunch is the transplant clinic. I had the referrals to wrestle through after that and I manage to finish all of it by 6 today. Thanks to DUKE, I was home 30 minutes later.

For the last couple of weeks, my right index finger has been playing up. I think it is an old badminton injury. It causes a stinging pain on the finger joint every time I try to smash or hit the shuttle hard. According to my orthopaedic friend, I have to rest it for 4 weeks. No badminton tonight then.

Anita took Irfan to our GP earlier. He is on antibiotics at the moment. By the evening, he has got his appetite back and up to his old tricks! I am with him at the moment while he is watching the 'Disney Channel' as Anita is putting Idlan to sleep.