It's Tuesday .... ties off, pink shirt day!

PD on a clear day, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

Irfan is much better today but both Idlan and him begun the day rolling on their bed in protest first thing. They wanted to skip school today. So Mummy let them off. She herself had a busy day since she wanted to rearange the room. Apparently she is much happier since our maid left for her break. Less headache she said.

Itul visited her in the afternoon at our house. She managed to get lost on the way in, so she arrived a tad late. The planned another meetup next Monday, an all girls outing in Bangsar. As for me, I spent the whole morning going through the dozen or so insurance claims that has been burning a hole on my desk. Since Tuesday are more a day for paperwork for me, I have decided not to wear a tie. I might as well put on my pink shirt as well. I have decided to start a trend. I'll be wearing pink shirt from now on every Tuesday. I'll try to convince a few of friends to do it as well, especially Jimbo!

This week, it is the Haematology Unit's turn to present during the lunchtime CME. Habibah was the one assigned to supervise it and she covered 'multiple myeloma', very well I thought. I then spent the rest of the days seeing my trial patients and referrals.

I can't however miss to notice that the nurses were keen to move people out of the surgical ward. Apparently there was an accident not far from the hospital where a bus full of people swerved off the highway ramp into an underpass. There were a number of injuries but from what I heard there were no casualties. However, the Casualty and the Orthopedicians were kept busy I am sure.

The highlight of the day however comes during dinner. We had dinner at one of our cousin's new place in Taman Melawati. It was a corner lot superlink three story house, and it was gorgeous and chic. My boys spend the whole evening running around initially in, then in the lawns. Our cousin sent a fortune on internal decor and renovation and it tells. When it was finally time to go home, both Idlan and Irfan were upset. Irfan quite literally said, "I want to shoot you Daddy!" Too much violence in the children programs nowadays methinks!

p/s: The picture above was taken during our last Labour Day break in Port Dickson. Such gorgeous day!

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