Better get things sorted out

KL Bird Park, originally uploaded by Haris Abdul Rahman.

My sister was readmitted over night again with abdominal pain. Her husband is around this time, so he arranged to her to be admitted in KLGH this time around under the care of one of his surgeon friend. She initially went there to have a check but since the pain was unbearable at times, they decided to detain her.

By this afternoon, they decided to go ahead and plan something about her gallstones. They are planning a keyhole surgery this coming Friday. She will also have other tests lined up tomorrow. I didn't have time to visit her tonight. I'll definitely drop by tomorrow instead.

In the meantime, my uncle came to see me at my clinic today. She has been having tests for her prostate and had a biopsy done in June. The result came back that he will need further test, and maybe an operation. He wanted a second opinion. Luckily, one of my friend can see him soon, but he will be occupied until Friday. So, I will be double-booked for Friday. I also have a clinic to run in the morning, and will likely only able to escape after Friday prayers. I also have some workshop to attend to tomorrow afternoon, so I will need to get into the office early and get things sorted out double quick. My two other colleagues will be away as well in the afternoon attending a talk in Hospital Ampang. My Boss will have a headache tomorrow afternoon by the sounds of things.

p/s: The picture above was taken at the KL Bird Park sometime in December last year.

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