Under the Weather

In the last couple of days, I had been nursing a sore throat. I initially ignored it, but since last night I had been suffering. My phlegm had turned green and my body started aching. I had a temperature overnight and the cough had been incessant.

After my Sunday Morning ward round - a shorter one at that -  I decided that I had had enough. Gone were my zest to go out for Sunday lunch. I stayed home instead, on the bed. A couple of paracetamols later, I hopped out while Anita was away to get lunch. Luckily the next couple of days would be light. I have cancelled the Monday afternoon clinic , initially planning to attend Idlan’s teachers meeting. Then Tuesday would be a Public Holiday in Selangor for Sultan’s Birthday.

I would still be on call for Haematology though and hopefully in the first couple of days, it would be light ones ... Happy Sunday!