Subdued Sunday

So the call was a bad one yesterday. And the ward round this morning was a monstrous one. There is going to be another marathon tomorrow morning and I planned to start early then.

After the rounds were done, I reached home starving for lunch. Then came a bit of sorting out of my patients as I liked the details keyed in into my calendar. Once it was done, I was dead tired. The initial sunshine outside had also changed as it started to rain. I could hear thunder rumbling in the distance.

Time to just chill out, have an early dinner and then be ready for tomorrow. The week would be a short one since I would be leaving for Seoul in Thursday evening to attend a series of talks there this weekend. I should be back to KL by Sunday evening though. So, I have the next four days or so to sort out my patients I admitted last night. Its going to be a long four days ...