Rest Well Ustaz Wahab and Dr Yin

t was a week for celebration being a week after Raya and all that. However, I had to content with a couple of death to people I held dear.

First was one of my teacher from MRSM Terendak. Ustaz Wahab was the first person who made an impression when I entered the school, looking after us as nurturing my formative years living away from home. By the time I left MRSM after SPM, we were more likel friends. I visited him a few times over the years each time I visited Terendak. He was still teaching there until he retired a couple of months ago with great fanfare. 


His enjoyment of retirement was cut short however when he developed some bowel issues which ultimately took his life. And the same kind of bowel issues also affected my colleague at SJMC, Dr Yin Thing Phee. A real gentleman, ever so welcoming when I first joined in 2011, we shared the same clinic space. Over the years we get to know each other better especially during the time we served together at the Hospital Medical Advisory Board. 

We would spend time talking about politics, him predicting the Pakatan win before the last General Election well before we casted our votes. He told me that he would be away for a couple of weeks as he needed a bowel procedure. But clearly he was hiding a bigger issues.

He passed away last weekend at home following a short period of illness.

The mood in the hospital was a sombre one. And on a personal level, reflecting on the passing, clearly there were more in life to just work. Joy and family life is even more important, something I must say I indulged during the week off I enjoyed during the Raya celebration.

My colleagues were back from their conference abroad today and I felt like taking the afternoon off right after clinic. Iā€™d probably take Anita out for a nice dinner and just enjoy the day .... Alfatihah Ustaz Wahab. And sleep well Dr Yin.